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How does the process work?

This is how we’ll go step by step until your amazing project is completed!

01 - Discussion

It all starts with a free consultation.
Simply get in touch and tell me about your project. We’ll go over your requirements, ideas, goals, and budget.

02 - Green Light

Once we’re all on the same page and your project has been accepted, I’ll bundle everything into a contract which, once signed by myself and you or your Project Lead, will let me get started!
Don’t worry, my contract is non-encroaching, and you can terminate it at any time. Learn more

03 - Development

I’ll get right to work building your project! I’ll keep you informed as we reach key milestones. This step will typically take the longest amount of time, and is highly dependent on the project’s complexity. Give me feedback as we progress! Communication is key .

04 - Delivery

Once I’ve finished your project, I will deliver your assets to you in the appropriate formats. For designs, this could be PDFs, PNG images, vector files, and more. For websites, this could mean publishing to Github and/or your custom domain.

05 - Permanence

I will keep backups of your project, should you ever need them again. In the event I’m hit by a bus (or something less extreme) and am unavailable to maintain your project (e.g. website), the files will be accessible to you - and anyone else you manually recruit - for continued development.