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UX/UI Design

Web pages, style guides, navigation, mockups, and more


Web sites, applications, databases, SEO, and more


Logos, graphics, videos, music, social media ads, and more


If you’re like me,
you expect nothing short of Perfection (with a capital ‘P’).

A small collection of website landing pages

You dream, I’ll create.

I will design web pages, components, graphics, wireframes, email templates and anything else you can imagine.

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Hmm. What to do with all those fancy designs?

Erick programming

Front & Back

Showcase your brand / designs with a website. I’ll handle the hosting, maintenance, SEO, and all the nitty gritty for the front-end and back-end.


Time to make your name stand out!

World continents linked together

Show the world you mean business.

I will create your logos, style guides, business cards, email templates, video ads, background music, and more!

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Don’t take my word for it...

Erick is multi-talented, efficient, dedicated, and detail-oriented. He is a creative thinker who brings precision to his projects every single time. If you want outside-the-box solutions, Erick is the guy.

Will Brewer

Will Brewer

Founder & CMO


Erick completely re-imagined our online presence. He has more than what it takes to succeed in the industry, and whoever gains him as a developer will be extremely lucky!

Becca Dunaway

Becca Dunaway

Founder & Executive Director

HoneyHill HomeCare

Erick is the real MVP of our podcast. He's got the skills, the dedication, and a knack for making us look and sound amazing. He's basically our behind-the-scenes hero.

Jeffrey Reckis

Jeffrey Reckis

Executive Producer & Host

Meet The Bus Podcast

Erick has a talent beyond the scope of web design. He's observant, meticulous, and persistent. If anyone has the drive to succeed in the industry, it's Erick.

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

Professor of Engineering & Programming

Middle Tennessee State University

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What is your pricing structure?

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