Developer in blue chair

Freelancer vs Agency

Why go with a freelancer?

When the immediate benefit isn’t obvious, it may sound ideal to postpone such investments, but you don’t have to take the all-or-nothing route! Freelance developers are the perfect alternative to agencies. Here’s why:

01 - Cost

The overhead cost of an agency creating your product can be insane, which is why their prices are astronomical.
Because independent developers don’t have this overhead, they can pass those savings on to you. If your product requires maintenance, you can pay a developer a retainer fee that is a fraction of what you would pay to an agency.

02 - Quality

A common misconception is "the larger the agency, the better the quality." This simply is not true. Your project deserves the attention of one passionate developer, not an agency assembly-line.

03 - Speed

Time is money!
Agencies often have tens or hundreds of employees. In the amount of time it takes them to have their meetings, brainstorming sessions, and work their 9-5 shifts creating more projects than just yours, a freelancer could have already finished and delivered your project.
I set my own hours, which means I have the flexibility to accommodate you and your project at any time of the day.

04 - Consistency

Freelancers such as myself have worn many hats: graphic design, photography, programming, video editing, music production, and so much more. Having one person create all the facets of your project helps keep the design and tone consistent.
At an agency, the designer of your product most likely is not the one developing the final draft. This can result in discrepancies between your expectations and the final product.

05 - Communication

When you’re working with a freelancer, you’re dealing with an individual, not a bunch of separate departments. Agencies may assign you a Point of Contact (POC), which means your interaction with the developer is limited at best.
A freelancer is both Developer and Account Manager, throwing third-party contacts completely out of the equation.

If any of the above appeals to you, a freelance developer is your best bet!