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Pricing Structure

How much do I charge?

My prices are tailored to each project; however, I follow a few principles which help me determine how much I charge for any given project.

Please note: these numbers are estimations, not quotes.


The cost of a website varies greatly by its complexity and requirements. Assuming I handle the domain registration, hosting, SEO, and maintenance, a simple corporate landing page typically starts at $1,500 + $50/month, and scales higher according the site’s number of pages, estimated visits per month, custom imagery/branding, and features such as Live Chat or advanced animations.
E-commerce websites and sites that require user-login/authentication typically carry a higher price tag.


Items such as logos, vector art, flyers, business cards, and website mockups fall into this category. Often, my design services are bundled with one or more of my other services, for example: a new logo design for a new website.
Because designs are typically one-and-done, my pricing is ~$35/hour, which varies according to the complexity and intended use of the design.


The price of a video depends on factors such as length, format, and editing complexity. For example, a short 2-minute interview can start at around $75, whereas a longer advertisement with multiple interviews, images, music, and branding can fall in the range of $250 - $500.


I am proficient on the piano as well as the flute. I can record those instruments live, or use a sampled instrument library to produce high-quality tracks.
I also provide Audio Mastering services. This is perfect for audio clips that need ‘cleaning’, de-fuzzing and general tune - ups. Audio Mastering can start around $100 (depending on length and complexity), whereas custom music can start around $200.
You can listen to some of my music here.

Not sure if your project falls within these categories? Don’t worry!

Shoot me a message and I’ll do some magic for you.

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Did you know: in 2008, BP paid $211 Million for their logo? Sheesh!